Why Shortening the Settlement Cycle Will Benefit the Industry & Investors


DTCC has long advocated for shortening the settlement cycle to enhance market resilience, reduce margin requirements and lower costs for investors. In 2017, we led the industry-wide initiative to shorten the U.S. settlement cycle to T+2 – the most significant change to the market’s settlement cycle in over 20 years.

Although DTCC’s equities clearing and settlement subsidiaries, NSCC and DTC, can support some T+1 and even same-day settlement using existing technology, many market participants don’t leverage this option because of market structure complexities, legacy business and operational processes.

While the industry continues to align itself around shortening the settlement cycle further, as announced in January 2018, DTCC has begun steadily implementing a series of operational improvements that optimize current processes to further accelerate settlement times, and to lay the foundation for what we see as an eventual move to T+1.


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