Welcome to FinTok, Where Day Trading, Options Investing, and Misinformation Reign


heir bios tout massive returns. They trade calls and puts. They’re Tesla perma-bulls.  

Meet FinTok, Gen Z’s version of #FinTwit.  

FinTok, or StockTok, depending on who you ask, is a growing corner of TikTok where Robinhood traders, “6-figure investors,” and misinformation collide.    

For the uninitiated, TikTok is an app where users post short videos often dubbed with audio clips already uploaded to the app. Users can add text to their videos, record their own audio, and “duet,” or add on to another user’s video. Think Vine, but bigger and more memeable.   

In its early days, the app was inundated with videos of users copying viral dances. While those dances remain a mainstay of TikTok content, niches for makeup, politics, and sports have since flourished. 


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