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State-Backed Digital Currencies: Why Are World Governments Looking Towards Them?

Governments always seek ways to make their economies more efficient. And with the rapid growth of the cryptocurrency market, they turned their eyes to...

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Technology Trends in Institutional FX

Daily trading volumes in global foreign exchange markets topped $1.79 trillion in November 2020, according to CLS, making FX by far the most heavily...

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Reaching for Yield in Decentralized Finance

With junk bonds yielding less than 4% and sovereign debt ranging in yields from negative to 2%, investors have been settling for meager yields...

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MBS Day Ahead: Here’s The New Short-Term Trend to Watch

- The absence of stronger gains this week means bonds remain inside their short-term uptrend (see chart)- 100% focus on UMBS 2.5 coupon (why?)- "lower high" yield...

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DTCC Outlines 2-Year Roadmap to T+1 Settlement

The Depository Trust & Clearing Corporation (DTCC) today released a two-year industry roadmap for shortening the settlement cyclefor U.S. equities to one business day...

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